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Sanheng Sports our newest Affiliate, our preferred supplier of Basketball apparel and Team gear.


If you want a tasty meal and you are in Köping, visit Lilla India for delicious indian cooking. Remember to refer to Miraculuz Work!


If you want a great offer on nutrition products and expert advice on what products you may need, visit Superior Nutrition in Vällingby Centrum. If you mention Miraculuz Work you will get a deal on their products.


If you are situated in Canada, specifically the city of Vancouver G2 Athletics the premier organisation focused on helping young basketball players reach their goals and excel both physically and skill-wise.

Finally, if you live in Stockholm, Sweden and want a Personal Trainer that specializes in weight training; we recommend that you contact Enrico Palmieri at Nordic Wellness gym in Stadshagen. His business nr is 0769476001